Pricing and Event Rules

Main Auditorium
This main area, with an assembly capacity of 250 persons, is available for $350 for each four-hour period on Sunday through Thursday and for $400 per four-hour period on Friday and Saturday. This is the price solely for the use of the space, but other amenities can be added. After the first four hours, additional hours in the space will be pro-rated. We do not book in half-hour increments.

Front Porch and Lobby Area
These areas are often used as entry points for no additional charge.

Should they be needed as additions to an auditorium rental, they are available individually for $75 per four-hour period or together for $100 per four-hour period.

To rent the lobby or the porch without the auditorium, the price will be $175 per four-hour period for either area.

Conference Room/Meeting Space
We have two meeting rooms that may be utilized as conference rooms, or small group meeting rooms of about 50 persons. These rooms are available for $100 per four-hour period.

All above general estimates stipulate that the load in and load out for the event occur during the four hours of time.

Event Rules & Regulations
A document that contains our general rules and regulations for event rentals can be found here.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about renting our facility.