Rental FAQ

We schedule walk-through tours by appointment only. To begin the rental inquiry process, please check our calendar for availability and then fill out the rental request form.

Below are some frequently asked questions about rentals in our facility.

What are your rates?
Current rates are available on this page.

How can I rent your facility?
Fill out a rental request form and we will be in touch.

What are some layout and capacity details for the Doris Building facilities?
We can seat up to 250 people in our general assembly layout. Seated assemblies vary, but at most 170 people can be table-sat comfortably. To see some of our assembly layout options, click here.

What is included in my rental rate?
Use of the area specified (auditorium, porch, meeting room, etc.) and chairs for your attendees. Please see rental rates page to learn more about charges for individual rooms.

How much is the deposit and when is the deposit due?
A $500 deposit is due upon receipt of the rental agreement, and a firm due date will be clearly marked. For standard bookings, the deposit MUST be paid at least 14 days in advance of the event or the agreement will be voided.

Do you have tables, or other event items, for my event?
We do not currently have tables in stock for our renters use. A third-party will need to be contacted to rent tables needed. We can arrange this for your for the cost from the third party for your supplies, plus a charge of $150, which includes delivery fees.

Do you have a kitchen on site?
We do not currently have a kitchen facility. You may rent an area for your caterer to use for prep, but they will need to have all foods cooked ahead of time. This room is available for $100 for a 4-hour period.

Also, any ice brought in must be kept in ice chests or bins. Absolutely no ice on the floors!

What are potential additional costs above the rental fee?

  • Additional Time – Our rate for rental is based on a 4-hour period. Any load in, event time or load out that occurs over the 4-hour period is subject to a prorated fee, based on the rate agreed upon in the event agreement.
  • Sound Technician – Any use of our on-site sound system will require a sound technician to be present. The cost for sound technician is $30/hour and will be booked by the facility.
  • Security – Events that have alcohol served (for free or paid) must pay for a security officer to be on the premises for the duration of the event. The cost is $25/hour for a minimum of 4 hours and will be booked by the facility.
  • Cleaning & Damage – We require a credit card on file when you sign an agreement and have the right to charge up to $500 for a security deposit should damages incur that cost. Additional damage costs will always be the responsibility of the renter and will be invoiced accordingly.

Note: None of the above information will be honored over what is written in a signed version of one of our rental contracts. The above is for general information purposes only and is open to variation based on individual event needs.